About Us

Our story begins now … with you!

The Brand

Kocomimo is the result of a market study and long-term project to nurture and provide the best cosmetic for inner and outer beauty of everyone.

Korean + Cosmetic + 미모 (beauty) = Kocomimo

Who We Are

Kocomimo is a French and Korean e-commerce start-up about cosmetic and beauty in the UAE. The brand Kocomimo belongs to Mumu June FZC.

The company has been formed by a group of professionals having vivid experience and wide exposure in Cosmetic and Beauty.

The company’s main office is in Al Barsha, Dubai, UAE

Kocomimo began its business operation as a cosmetic and beauty trading company in April 2019.

Kocomimo is focusing exclusively in high quality and cost-effective cosmetic products from South Korea and France.

We want to establish ourselves as the best choice in Cosmetic and Beauty Care in the UAE by offering safe beauty products at competitive prices.

Communicating the value of the products we distribute is at the heart of our sales and marketing efforts. We provide various online and print marketing support material for the brands and products we represent and distribute in the UAE.

Our Philosophy

We believe that knowledge is key in every choice that we make, and we want to make the best choices for our skin.

For that reason, we believe in safe beauty and best ingredients for your skin and your health.

Our prices are competitive in the UAE market and we are looking for products which are competitive in term of price, design and quality.

We have a vision; we are not following others and we want to lead the market by bringing new trends.

Contact Us

Telephone: 04-589-4408

Al Barsha, Dubai, UAE
Sunday to Thurday: 9am to 7pm